To be connected with your young children you don’t need to buy a mobile.  The Caref is a water resistant tracking watch phone designed especially for kids with parents in mind.

Thanks to the advanced GPS tracking technology the Caref allow you to stay connected with your children and give them maximum of freedom. It also has a build in a SOS button for emergency and two-way voice communication so you can be in touch with your kids wherever they are!

What are parents saying?

I recently purchased a Caref/Gator watch for my 5yr old girl for use in Switzerland (the SIM unlocked version).

Whilst I’ve only been using it a short time, the functionality seems excellent – easy for her to use, not too large on her wrist, can make and receive calls from authorised numbers, tracks her on a map with very good accuracy and seems to manage to hold a charge for over 1.5 days under heavy use (i.e. very frequent position updates) and about 2 to 2.5 days with low usage (i.e. infrequent position updates and minimal calls). Geofence alerts are also really useful and easy to set up.

Many thanks again, I’m sure I’ll buy one for my 3 yr old son in a couple of years!


Just wanted to say thank you to your excellent support staff for helping me set up my son’s watch. Your guy Kris has spent hours out of his Sunday to get it to work with my strange SIM card set up, and has politely answered every question I asked.

5/5 for both the product and the support.


I am now able to let my daughter jump on her bike and head to the park without worrying. I can look right on my app and see where she is. Plus she can call me whenever she needs to. Just saved getting her a cell phone for a few more years!


My dad bought this for my 7 year old when he moved schools and started riding the bus. This is our second week using it and it gives me so much piece of mind! I love knowing when he arrived to the school, being able to confirm that he is still on the school property, and seeing where the bus is on his way home.


My husband bought these watches for our 7 and 9 year old for Christmas. The kids absolutely love them–watch has smart features perfect for their ages. And the product has given us great peace of mind when they are outside playing. Really like they can call our cell phones from their watch. Will be very useful this summer during family outings, would def. recommend to anyone. It’s a must-have for any child and parent!


As a parent to a child with special needs, this watch has been a blessing in my family’s life. While special care and attention are still needed, this watch allows for our son to feel just like the other kids his age rather than one who always needs parental supervision. I could rave endlessly about this product! Our son is too young for a cellphone still so this makes for the perfect alternative. I love how this product is marketed simultaneously towards child safety and towards individuals with special needs. I wish this company nothing but the best and want to truly thank them for the positive impact that have made in my family’s life.


Wow! What an impact this watch has made on my family’s life! Not only do my son and daughter love wearing this watch but it gives my wife and I the peace of mind to allow our kids to roam the neighborhood in the summer without worrying where they are. I can only imagine how much less gray hair my parents would have if this product existed when I was a child!


Let your child to focus on fun and give yourself greater peace of mind!


Using GPS and GSM technology Caref Watch can precisely locate your child outdoor.


Caref Watch can make and receive voice calls.


Receive messages and display instantly.


Create SAFE ZONES around safe places.


In case of danger press SOS button to initiate Emergency Mode.


Locator and mobile phone, but a watch too.


Use your own SIM card with the Caref Watch*

*Micro SIM card compatible with 2G network required.


Up to 70h on standby using excellent saving battery mode.


The child can wear caref in any environment include playing with water, make parent peace of mind*.

*USB cover has to be closed properly

Locate, call, text and receive notifications with Caref App

Keep an eye on your kids through smart Cares app wherever they are.

Easily create Safe Zones  around known safe places.

Receive range of smart alert notifications and much more…