Fleet Tracking Features

Real-time web based tracking

Access 24h a day, anytime, anywhere in all web browsers (live update rate every 1-30 or 60 seconds, depends on plan chosen).

Dual positioning system

GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning systems are combined here to give you better location accuracy.

Multiple users and multi-level access

You can control user access to application’s data and create individual workspaces and application layout.

Mobile access

You can manage your fleet wherever you are from mobile devices connected to internet.

Google maps

You can view and manage your fleet using Google maps.


Allows you to manage territories. You can plan your routes and destinations more efficiently. Anytime your vehicle reaches or leaves a geo-fence the application operator is alerted.

Points of interests

You can add and manage points of interests (customers, suppliers, employees addresses) on the map. You have view of your fleet entering and leaving Points of interests. You can also Import and export your Points of interests lists as KML and CVS files.

Driver ID

We offer a magnetic IButton key to identify drivers. Each driver needs to Log On to the ID reader fitted on the dashboard anytime the journey starts. In case when the key is not presented an alarm will sound. With our ID key you can easily monitor your drivers activity across multiple vehicles. The key helps with time-sheets running.

Real time alerts

You will get a customised information about an event on the web application. Depends on your needs you can also get it via e-mail or sms.

Area search

You can easily find history of any event for selected area on the map.

Fleet maintenance organizer

You can monitor of when your fleet is due for service, when MOT and insurance are going to expire.

Driver timesheets

Reduce paperwork and improve timesheets precision thanks to our tailored reports.

Temperature control

Our temperature control solution is mainly addressed to the refrigerated vehicles. This flexible solution enables you real-time temperature control across your fleet.

Anytime temperature crossed designated value the alerts are sent via sms or e-mail. Each temperature recording is sending to the system every 5-30 or 60 seconds (depends on chosen plan). Temperature sensor is able to work between -55˚C and 125˚C (+/- 0.5˚C).

Thanks to this solution you can be sure that your temperature-controlled products are delivered in good condition.

Safety and ECO driving, driver behaviour

Through our system you can monitor drivers behaviour (including: breaking, acceleration, cornering, speeding). Optionally we can fit a real-time alert which sounds anytime the driver breaks rules. Our ECO report categorizes drivers as: excellent, good, fair and risky.

Panic SOS button

When a situation arises your driver can easily alert to office.

CANbus interface

Most of the vehicles have electronic control units (airbags, engine control unit and more). Our solution enable you to get information through the Controller Area Network bus from vehicle computer. Thanks to this solution you can monitor: fuel level and consumption, oil temperature, opened doors, fault codes and many other parameters (depends on the vehicle type).

Tailored daily and weekly e-mail reports

You can view weekly or monthly easy to use tailored reports. You can also choose to have reports e-mailed to the chosen employees. Your managers can get needed information including: driver activity, mileage, fuel consumption and refills, journey history, event rules, time-sheets and more. Reports can be exported into Excel and clearly presented on a graphs.

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