Fleet Tracking System (FTS) – Why do I need it?

Investing in Fleet Tracking System you obtain powerful tool that helps reduce costs, increase efficiency and boost productivity. At the same time, each of your drivers will remain in constant touch and stay better protected. Right knowledge is the key to management improvements of your all remote workforce.

At the moment more than 25% of light commercial vehicles and more than 40% of HGVs are fitted with vehicle tracking and this is not surprising. FTS save as much as £2,000 per vehicle per year, and typically make productivity improvements of more than 20%.

One of the most important facts to bear in mind is this: a typical tracking system pays for itself in just a few short months – based on fuel savings alone.

Another remarkable fact: FTS amounts to less than 1% of the cost of putting a van on the road.

Consider these typical monthly figures: driver – £1400, fuel – £400, van – £200, tax and insurance – £150. Total – £2150 (and that doesn’t include maintenance, spares and repairs).

Cost of FTS – around £10 a month or, put another way, a tiny 0.5% of the total cost of keeping a van motoring.

Thanks to FTS you receive a number of information including:

– Real time location updates, engine status, driver ID, temperature monitoring, and much more of all your vehicles.
– Trip and Idle Report,
– Real time alerts when vehicle reached or left specific area (Geofences or Point of Interest),
– Automated alerts when vehicles break earlier established rules,
– Access to historical journeys,
– Driving-style monitoring,
– And much more … based on your needs,

And you can be sure…

– Your van is secure, well utilised and being driven correctly,
– Your driver is safe and productive at all times,
– Your fuel is being used in the most efficient way,
– You are HMRC compliant,
– Risky driving isn’t affecting your insurance premiums,

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