Caref Watch can make and receive voice calls

With the CAREF, you can easily communicate between you and your kids. You get to choose two numbers that your child can call. Your child simply needs to press longer one of the two volume buttons to make a call. You can also add into the app maximum ten safe numbers for the ones you want your child gets calls or short text messages from. This is designed to protect your child from getting calls and texts from unwanted people. You can easily update the list of the numbers anytime. Two-way voice communication give you the ability to talk to your kids, stay connected and give them maximum of freedom.


Using GPS and GSM technology Caref Watch precisely locate you child

CAREF uses advanced GPS and GSM technology to allow you to locate your child using the most accurate location information usually within 5 meters (when child is outside the building). GPS accuracy may be affected while watch is indoors or being used in urban areas (high buildings). When your child is moving CAREF will update location every 5 or 10 minutes and even every 10 seconds when emergency mode activated.


The CAREF application allows you to view all the recorded locations of the watch on a specified day, including address and time details.


Receive messages and display instantly

You can also stay connected sending a one-way short message to your child’s CAREF watch. Only the list of the numbers that you defined can send messages to your child. This is also made to protect your child from getting messages from unknown people.


Create SAFE ZONES around safe places

You can easily set up-to two Safety Zones for your child, such as home and school. You just need to draw a circle Geofence boundary on the app for each child. Once the boundary is crossed, an alert notification will be sent with next position update to your mobile Caref app.


In case of danger press SOS button to start Emergency Mode

When pressed by your child for three seconds, the Caref watch sends the location to the Caref app every 10 seconds for next 5 minutes, and calls a list of preset  phone numbers. If the first number does not answer within 40 seconds, it automatically calls the next. At the same time parents receive SOS notification through Caref mobile app and message on earlier set email address.


Locator and mobile phone, but a watch too

The CAREF is also a watch. It displays the time and the date. You can easily change a clock interface from digital to traditional.


Especially designed for kids.

The Caref’s wristband is designed for kids to be comfortable and adjustable and kids love it. Made by high quality, soft environmentally non-toxic Silicone material. Safe for child to wear. The watch is weighting only 40 grams and is one of the thinnest and stablest gps watch in the world.


Wear caref in any environment include
playing with water

The watch is designed to withstand low pressure water splashing, such as from washing your kids hands or rain.



Up to 70h on standby using excellent saving battery mode

Caref Watch under normal operating conditions will work for 24 – 48 hours after recommended 2 – 2.5 hours of charging. Thanks to smart battery saving technology Caref can stay in standby mode even up to 70 hours.