1 ) Can I access to the system from any computer?

Yes, absolutely. Using your unique login you can have access to the platform and view your vehicles through any PC, MAC, Linux computer or Mobile device connected to internet.

2 ) Is there a minimum contract term?

We would like to provide as much flexible offer as possible. Minimum contract term is 12 months. Contact us to discuss all contract options to choice the best one for you.

3 ) How does it works?

Once the device has been fitted within your vehicle the GPS/GLONASS receiver will receive signals from satellites and calculate geographical coordinates, which are then sent via a mobile network to our secured servers. It is here where all your real time and historical data will be stored, which you are able to access anytime, anywhere using the Silentwatcher web-based platform.

4 ) When and where are the vehicle tracking devices installed?

High quality vehicle tracking device will be installed by one of our accredited engineers at your premises, at a time that suits you. The devices will be fitted out of sight in the vehicle. Common locations for the device is located behind the dashboard or under the seat.

5 ) Is my vehicle tracking data secure?

We take our responsibility of looking after your real time and historical data very seriously. You’ll have access to your data using your private web-base application, which is protected by your individual username and password. Additionally, multilevel user access funcionality allowing you to control what employee view and to disable specific functions/settings. These measures are designed to give you maximum control and peace of mind that your data will remain safe and confidential.

6 ) What about new features and software updates?

Because the platform works in the cloud we can offer all our customers the latest updates, new features and reports as soon as they are ready. All updates are FREE of charge.

7 ) Can I move my tracking device to another vehicle?

Yes, all you need to do is contact our customer support team. They’ll arrange an engineer who will de-install and re-install the unit at a time and place that suits you, however, there is a fee involved in switching the tracker unit to another vehicle.

We are here to help you with all your Silentwatcher products