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3G Electronics    AMGPS    Angelstar    Arknav    Arusnavi    ASC    Atlanta    ATOL    ATrack    Auto Leaders    Autofon    Autolink    BCE    Bitrek    Bofan    CalAmp    Carscop    Castel    Cellocator    cGuard    Coban    Concox    Defenstar    Digital Communications Technologies    Diwei    E-Track    Eelink    Enfora    Era Glonass    Escort    EzLink    Findlo    Fort Telecom    GalileoSky    Globalsat    Globalstar    GoSafe    GoTop    GSS    Gubloos    Huabao    Incotex    Jimi    Jointech    Kasbi    Keson    Laipac    Lell    Logosoft    Meiligao    Meitrack    MiniFinder    Moralwinhk    Navion    Naviset    Navtrack    Novacom    NVS    Opekun    Orion    Pingstar    Portman    Queclink    RedView    Ruptela    Scat    Scout    SenseIT    Shtrikh    SkyPatrol    ST    Starcom    Storozh-GPS    Suntech    Technoautomatica    Teltonika    TKSTAR    TopFlyTech    Topten    TotemTech    Tracker Technology    Tramigo    Ulbotech    Vibrant Track    Wonde Proud    X-GPS    X-Keeper    Xexun    Xirgo    ZY Electronic Technology

For most GPS trackers the Silentwatcher Locate platform offers fully automatic device activation so you don’t need to configure it manually. The system will sent initialization commands over cellular connection.

However, you may configure device yourself, using the server address and port from the table. In case of any issues, please contact our support team at [email protected]

Can’t find your device in the list? Please write to us. We will do our best to add your model to the platform as soon as possible.